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Hi, I’m Janet with Thomasville at home, and I would like to share today with you some features of our shams.

All our shams have the same basic features.

The first thing people notice about Thomasville at Home Sham is its size.

A standard is a full 30″ by 24″.

A king is 40″ by 24″.

And the euro is 30″ x 30″

Notice how the shams highlight the pattern on this bedding ensemble.

Besides the large size, each sham has a three-ounce bonded poly inner lining and a lining on the inside.

This allows the flange to stand up on the bed.

The lining and inner lining, along with a hand-sewn top stitch, creates a picture frame effect.

This accents the main feature of the print.

Where the main feature is a prominent design, it is matched from sham to sham.

Some shams have matching piping or matching lip cord.

The Thomasville at Home sham is made of five cut pieces and proudly assembled one piece at a time in our workroom in our hometown of Valdosta, GA, USA.

Thank you for joining us.

We hope you will try one of our products for your home today.

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