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Imagine the day of your wedding arrives. It is beautiful and full of family and friends and a lot of love. You go on your honeymoon and arrive back ready to start your new life together. 

You open each gift your family and friends carefully picked for you. Nothing matches. Or it is not your style. Now what? Go and exchange everything to what would fit the vision of your new home together? Find a way to explain to your favorite aunt why her gift comforter is in a closet or has been exchanged. You know she picked it because she loves that style and just knew you would too. 

There is a better way. Gift Registries. 

A while ago, a. couple reached out and asked if Thomasville at Home was on any of the gift registries. We knew of some registries where you could add links to items anywhere on the internet and suggested some to this couple.  We realized this is really good information to our customers and friends for any of those big moments in life. 

Why Open a Gift Registry?

Whether you are a new home owner ready to design your new home or newly weds ready to start a new home together or a couple with a new baby on the way. Gift registries are not only make it easy for you but provide your friends and family with an opportunity to get you a gift that fits exactly into your style and preferences. 


  • Convenience: Registries simplify the gift-giving process for guests, ensuring they can choose a gift you will love without the guesswork.
  • Organization: It helps you keep track of what you’ve received and what you still need, making the management of gifts easier.
  • Personalization: You can curate a list that reflects your style and needs, whether it’s for a wedding, a new baby, or a housewarming.

Gift registries offer a way to bridge the gap between personal desires and the generosity of others, creating a harmonious exchange that benefits everyone involved.


Zola is a versatile gift registry platform that allows you to add gifts from any store to your registry. Here’s why it’s a great choice for textile-loving couples:

  • Wide Selection: Zola lets you shop top brands, gift cards, and experiences. Whether you’re looking for luxurious bedspreads, cozy bath towels, or stylish kitchen linens, Zola has you covered.
  • Honeymoon Funds: In addition to physical gifts, Zola allows you to set up cash funds with zero fees. Consider creating a honeymoon fund for that dream getaway!
  • Easy Sharing: Share just one link with your wedding guests, simplifying the process for everyone involved. is an aggregate site that lets you add gifts from any store to your registry. Here’s why it’s a fantastic option:

  • Universal Registry: Use the downloadable extension to add items from any store to your list. If you already have existing registries at different stores, you can sync them here.
  • Track Thank You Notes: Once the gifts start rolling in, the corresponding app helps you manage thank you notes and more.
  • Customizable: Customize your visitor view and manage your registry on the go with the smartphone app.


Joy is another excellent choice for creating a gift registry. Here’s why it stands out:

  • Flexible Options: Add gifts from any store to your registry and create unlimited cash funds with no fees.
  • Convenient Shipping: Joy allows you to ship gifts when you want, so they don’t arrive while you’re on your honeymoon.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Share your collection with friends and family, and even ask for product recommendations using personalized links.

Whether you’re eyeing luxurious bed linens, elegant window treatments, or practical kitchen textiles, these gift registry websites offer seamless experiences for couples and new homeowners. Happy registering!