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Kitchen Collections

Looking for items for your kitchen? Shop our accessory collections designed for kitchens below.

Traditional Patterns
  • Anderson Red Kitchen: This group features seven items designed with a striking red and white buffalo check pattern.
    They are suitable for kitchens and patios. All items are made in the USA with 100% cotton fabric.
  • Hillhouse II Cream Kitchen: With six items, the Hillhouse II Cream collection exudes elegance with its creamy tones and traditional mauve and blue flowers, providing a sophisticated touch to any kitchen setting.
  • Melanie Buttercream Kitchen: The Melanie Buttercream collection includes seven items and offers a soft and inviting color palette.
    Perfect for creating a cozy blue and white china atmosphere in your kitchen.
  • Queensland Red Kitchen: The Queensland Red group showcases a bold and vibrant red color scheme with flowers and fruit.
  • Black and White Kitchen: The Black and White Collection offers classic sophistication with its timeless black and white color scheme.
Tropical Patterns
  • Fern Gully Kitchen: This group consists of 7 items and is nature-inspired. It brings the beauty of lush greenery into your kitchen decor.
  • La Selva Kitchen: This collection comprises six items designed to infuse your kitchen with tropical vibes.
    It features vibrant colors and topical patterns inspired by the jungle.
  • Tahitian Sunset Kitchen: With seven items, the Tahitian Sunset collection brings the warmth and beauty of a tropical sunset into your kitchen.
    It features rich hues and intricate designs.
Chair Cushions by Use
  • Outdoor Chair Cushions: This collection provides comfortable and stylish chair pads for outdoor use.
  • Indoor Chair Cushions: This collection offers various indoor kitchen chair cushions, allowing you to find the perfect match for your decor and style.

Furthermore, we made all items in the USA using domestic and foreign fabrics.