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Hillhouse II Window Treatments

The Hillhouse II Window Treatments by Thomasville at Home offers an exquisite array of options to complement the elegant Hillhouse II Bedding Collection. Crafted with attention to detail and design, each window treatment piece adds a touch of sophistication and charm to any space.

  1. Scalloped Empress Swag and Filler: This stunning window treatment features scalloped edges and a luxurious appearance, creating a regal ambiance in any room. The swag and filler design adds depth and dimension to windows, enhancing the overall aesthetic.
  2. Sara Valance: The Sara Valance offers a classic yet refined look with its clean lines and tailored silhouette. It provides a timeless appeal, perfect for traditional or contemporary settings. This valance effortlessly ties together the room’s décor while accentuating the beauty of the Hillhouse II Bedding Collection.
  3. Straight Valance with Stripe Accent Band: Adding a modern twist to traditional design, the Straight Valance with Stripe Accent Band combines simplicity with subtle sophistication. The stripe accent band adds visual interest and creates a cohesive look when paired with the Hillhouse II bedding ensemble.
  4. Deana Valance: The Deana Valance exudes elegance with its graceful drape and delicate details. Its simple M shape with accent stripe bands enhances the room’s atmosphere, providing a touch of luxury that beautifully complements the Hillhouse II Bedding Collection.
  5. Winston Valance: Featuring a classic design with a contemporary twist, the Winston Valance adds sophistication and refinement to any window. Its timeless appeal and versatile style make it an ideal choice for coordinating with the Hillhouse II bedding ensemble, elevating the room’s décor with ease.

Individually or combined, the Hillhouse II Window Treatments offer versatility, style, and functionality. They transform windows into stunning focal points while seamlessly integrating with the Hillhouse II Bedding Collection’s aesthetic.


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