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 Features of the Thomasville at Home Chairpads

This is one of my favorite products because its symbolic of things I like. In other words its kind of a plain conservative looking item, but it’s just loaded with features.


One of the features is the fabric. This particular print in the decorative fabric has at least 13 colors.  I just love that.


Our corners are boxed.  Now this takes an additional step to sew across here and then down here to make this work out to give us these boxed ends.


You’ll also notice that the item has four individual circle tacks.  Each one of these tacks, it has to be done by an individual running a machine tacking these circles.


Another feature that I really like about this chair pad is the ties. There are four ties on the pad. Each one of these ties does this.


Now, the reason it does that is because it’s filled with elastic.  So that this is a functional feature

so that when we tie this around the end of the back of the chair and squirm around on it, the tie stretches and then retains its shape. You don’t have a rip out.


I know you’ve probably seen a chair pad where people Aunt Sally sat down on it or something and squirmed around a little and ripped it out. That is one of the features of the ties.


The other one is, is these ends. Now, a lot of people, you’ll notice when you buy in like this, it’s

just surged right across here, which a little pigtail here and a little pigtail here. And by and by it just comes undone.


Our ties have been folded over put under a tacker, run a little stitch across here,

and we call that a Hand-finished end.  This particular item has four hand-finished ends.


I also like this because of the thickness.  This is a very filled chair pad.  There’s no skimping on this fill.  And what that does is that Aunt Sally can sit on this all she wants to and when she gets up this chair pad retains its shape.


So in this simple item, we have all of these great features which point to a very, very happy customer


Thomasville At Home.  Made in America.  From our family to your home.



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