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Today, we share the story of Thomasville At Home, a testament to the enduring legacy of American craftsmanship and a cherished tradition of family heritage. This is a tale woven from the threads of ambition, quality, and national pride, embodied in the life’s work of its founder, Fred Wilkinson. From his humble beginnings in Lowndes County to the establishment of a brand synonymous with excellence, Wilkinson’s journey is a narrative of  perseverance and entrepreneurship. It is a story that mirrors the American Dream, where every step is a commitment to quality and every product is a celebration of American-made excellence.

Don’t just take our word for it; see for yourself why Thomasville At Home is an example of American-made excellence. Watch the video below and be inspired by the journey of dedication and passion that makes our brand truly at home in America.


Step into the world of Thomasville At Home, where American craftsmanship and family heritage converge to create a unique home furnishing experience.

The story of Thomasville At Home unfolds through the remarkable journey of its founder, Fred Wilkinson. Born in 1937 in rural Lowndes County, Wilkinson’s early life was marked by hard work and determination. He graduated from the Naylor School, where his class consisted of just a dozen students. Afterward, he pursued higher education, earning his degree from Emory University in 1958, and subsequently served in the armed forces.

Upon returning to civilian life, Wilkinson sought job opportunities. Armed with an accounting degree from Emory, he found his first professional position as a plant accountant at the International Playtex Corporation in Newman, Georgia. However, Wilkinson’s passion for quality craftsmanship couldn’t be contained behind a desk. His eagerness to contribute to the production process led to an unforgettable entrepreneurial endeavor, albeit one that lasted only nine months due to undercapitalization and inexperience.

Fate took a turn when a chance encounter with a man from Quitman, Georgia, who specialized in crafting curtains, set the stage for a transformative partnership. Over the next 15 years, Wilkinson’s entrepreneurial spirit thrived, as he and his partner turned a small curtain business into a thriving enterprise, generating $6 million in revenue. Wilkinson’s role as a salesperson took him across the eastern United States, spreading the charm of their products.

At the age of 40, Wilkinson made a pivotal decision: he would no longer work for someone else. Attempting to buy a stake in the curtain business he had helped build, he embarked on a journey to establish his own legacy. Persistence paid off, and Wilkinson’s venture, known as Wilkinson’s Textiles, began. It took a year of tenacious effort to gain recognition, but once noticed, his exceptional product, the “triple ruffle curtain,” left a lasting impression.

Wilkinson’s evolution from ruffle curtains to high-quality home textile items, particularly line curtains with decorative fabrics, aligned with the evolving product line of Thomasville At Home. This synergy led to a unique collaboration, resulting in Wilkinson’s acquisition of the Thomasville At Home brand in 2008, marking the birth of a new chapter.

What truly distinguishes Thomasville At Home is its unwavering commitment to producing all its items in the United States. The company’s foundation is built on a team of skilled employees who meticulously source the finest materials available in the decorator market. Quality is not just a buzzword but a way of life at Thomasville At Home, evident in their rigorous inspection process that ensures perfection in every detail.

Thomasville At Home’s emphasis on the inspection process highlights the company’s dedication to customer satisfaction. “We want to ensure that when you open the package, install the curtain rod, and hang it up, you’ll feel it was worth every penny, proudly made in America.”

The ethos of quality and American craftsmanship runs deep within the veins of Thomasville At Home. In a world dominated by mass production, the brand remains a steadfast guardian of timeless artistry and unwavering pride in American heritage. As they continue to innovate and uphold their stringent standards, Thomasville At Home remains committed to offering products that not only embellish homes but also embody a profound sense of American identity and pride.


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